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F. W. Krummacher -
Elisha: A Prophet for
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Pietan Publications Book List

Hymns and Songs of Zion  Hardcover 317 songs   $10.00    NewlyListed


True Christianity Book I 

A Treatise on sincere repentance, true faith, the holy walk of the true

Christian. 206 pgs. PB.     $7.50

The Garden of Paradise    $10.00


C. H. von BOGATZKY (1690-1774)

Edifying Thoughts on God's Paternal Heart -- A devotional commentary

on the Lord's Prayer. 122 pgs. PB.   $6.50


 HORATIUS BONAR  (1808–1889)

The Blood of the Cross – A classic little work of how God and man view the blood.

 63 pgs.  PB.   $3.00



Behold the Man -- Booklet. $1.00

God's Purpose of Grace -- Booklet. 75 cents

The Faithful Minister of the New Covenant -- Booklet. 75 cents

The Works of the Holy Spirit -- Booklet. $1.50

Kelso Tracts -- Booklet. $1.50

The Sin-Bearer -- Booklet. $2.00

The Throne of Grace -- Booklet. $1.50

Truth and Error – Booklet.  $1.50

The Unwritten Wonders of the Grace of Christ -- Booklet. $1.50

The White Robes -- Booklet. $1.50


ARTHUR DENT (Unknown-1607)

Christ's Miracles

A Sermon of God's Providence

A Sermon of Repentance

Large Booklets    $1.50 each


NEWMAN HALL (1816-1902)

Come to Jesus!

Follow Jesus!

"It is I" or The Voice of Jesus in the Storm

Large Booklets.     $1.50 each


DAVID HOLLAZ  (1648–1713)

The Evangelic Order of Grace – Written in Four Dialogues to guide readers to

repentance, faith,  etc. 126 pgs. PB.   $6.50


 A. G. JOELSSON (Unknown)

A Boy Meets Luther -- Consists of lively family conversations based on Luther's

Small Catechism. 296 pgs. PB.    $9.00


F. W. KRUMMACHER  (1796–1868)

An Autobiography – Covers to the year 1848, with a Supplement and an Appendix

which includes an address, letters, hymn, poem and last sermon. 350 pgs. PB.  $12.00.

Brotherly Union -- A new compilation of hard-to-find sermons, lectures and

addresses. 240 pgs.   


David - King of Israel --
All the depth and dramatic richness of King

David's oermeate this classic study. 416 pgs.


Gems of F. W. Krummacher -- A precious selection of 132 excerpts.

62 pgs. PB. Retail    $3.00


A Glimpse of the Kingdom of Grace – A brief biographical note and nineteen

chapters. 189 pgs. PB.    $7.00


The Last Days of Elisha – The author draws a vivid portrait not only of Elisha

but also of other key figures who break into this segment of biblical history. 174 pgs. PB.



The Martyr Lamb – The following have been added to this edition: The Beheading of

John the Baptist, John Knox and Queen Mary, and The Work of Bible Dissemination in

Our Time. 206 pgs.   $9.00


The Risen Redeemer – The Gospel History from the Resurrection to the

Day of Pentecost. 298 pgs. PB.   $9.00


Solomon and Shulamite – Includes fifteen sermons on The Song of Solomon

193 pgs. PB.   $7.00

Twelve Sermons on Elisha -- Formerly Elisha Part II. 272 pgs. PB.   $9.00

Booklets: Three Earthly Witnesses. The Promises.  75’



WILLIAM COOPER  (1694–1743)

The Doctrine of Predestination Unto Life, Explained and Vindicated in Four Sermons –

George Whitefield writes in his Letter to John Wesley concerning "Free Grace": "

Be pleased to read...the excellent sermons of Mr. Cooper, of Boston, in New England,

which I also sent you, and I doubt not but you will see all your objections answered."

117 pgs. PB.    $4.50


JOHN GADSBY  (1808–1893)

Slavery, Adoption, and Redemption – Biblically, orientally, and personally considered.

96 pgs. PB.     $3.50


JOHN GILLIES  (1712–1796)

Memoirs of George Whitefield – Includes John Wesley’s sermon "Free Grace"

and Whitefield’s famous Letter in Answer to the sermon. 338 pgs. PB.     $9.00 

(Please note that the word "Memiors" is misspelled on the cover and spine of current printing.)